5 PR and marketing books you should read
June 16, 2022

5 PR and marketing books you should read

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Take a look at our book tips, which bring proven advice from the most professional experts in world marketing and PR.

These titles are an interesting reading for long evenings during a pandemic and at the same time bring inspiration from the strategies and campaigns of iconic brands!

David Ogilvy: Ogilvy on advertising

Let’s start with the most important, the Bible of Marketing Communication, written by the great advertising magician David Ogilvy himself. One might think that a book over 30 years old cannot speak for the current, rapidly evolving advertising industry. Yes, times change, but basic human needs remain the same. And David Ogilvy will advise you on how to capture them over time.

This book should become a compulsory study for anyone involved in the marketing industry. They will advise you, not only on how to get your dream position or write a successful text – the individual chapters will introduce you to the secrets of marketing research and reveal strategies that work across time and across the spectrum of customers. Don’t you believe in its timeliness? Just go through the internet and you will find out how many important marketing specialists still take the advice of this great to heart today. Times simply change, but the values remain.

Harold Burson: The Business of Persuasion

After Ogilvy’s book on advertising, it is impossible not to mention The Business of Persuasion from the legend in the field of Harold Burson. As many book reviews state, “If Ogilvy wrote the Bible for Advertising, Burson added a new law to the PR industry today.”

Harold Burson is considered one of the most influential PR personalities. His book maps 70 years of career experience, through which he describes what Public Relation basically means and what functional methods it uses. The personal story blends with iconic moments from history and thus serves as a great guide for many professional marketing industries.

David Meerman Scott: The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Once you’ve studied the two previous books, you can read about the possibilities offered by current technologies and the digital environment. Only by finding a balance between constantly valid rules and current trends can we create a timeless and functional marketing campaign.

Although The New Rules of Marketing and PR is also not the latest, it still offers a quality and easy-to-understand guide to ever-accelerating online marketing. As author David Meerman Scott himself says, “It’s important to get the right message to the right users at the right time.” It focuses on communication platforms in the global PR revolution, reflecting the current rules of social networks and other communication channels for quality and personal communication. with the customer to use. It focuses on the long-term aspect of building a relationship with clients and demonstrates all advice on relevant case studies.

Tony Langham: Reputation Management: The Future of Corporate Communications and Public Relations

Although building a good reputation seems to be the basic pillar of every PR department of a successful company, surprisingly, we do not find too many valuable books on the market that would give us factual and meaningful advice on how to do it. The author of the book, Tony Langham, claims that “a good reputation represents the future of PR and corporate communication.” And this is exactly what the case studies of the world’s most successful marketing companies prove.

In addition to many impressive models and diagrams, the book offers a variety of motivational essays and exclusive interviews with CEOs of the world’s leading companies. He deals with current issues such as fake news, cyber security and bullying on the Internet. There are also personal contributions from almost forty important world managers, who explain the ways in which they themselves have raised the reputation of their company. This book should become an indispensable educational material for all leading marketing positions and students of such established fields.

Alexander Jutkowitz: The Strategic Storyteller – Content Marketing in the Age of the Educated Consumer

Stories have never been lost out of our world. The right story determines our place in this world. And this also applies to your company.

Alexander Jutkowitz has held many interesting positions in the field of digital architecture, politics and creativity in more than 30 countries around his world and now combines all his experience as the CEO of successful multinational companies. With many examples of the world’s most successful brands, it shows how with the right creative concept you can turn weaknesses into new opportunities in a short time. The book explains how to strengthen individual and collective creative potential by creating stories, helps to understand storytelling strategies and advises on how to distribute stories in today’s digital environment. “Cross demographic stereotypes and focus on the moments that unite us,” advises the author.

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