We also monitor podcasts for you!
August 23, 2023

We also monitor podcasts for you!

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The importance of podcasts in brand communication is rising, which is why we’ve expanded our media monitoring to include 2,400 Czech and Slovak podcasts!

We’re the first podcast monitors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Hot topics, latest sectoral trends, and new possibilities for addressing target groups. Podcasts are a tool whose popularity continues to rise, and not just for corporate communication. Which is why we’ve included a broad range of Czech and Slovak podcasts in our media monitoring portfolio. 

Podcasts are becoming an important communication tool in the media world. Together with real-time analysis of social media content, we can now offer clients a comprehensive picture of how their brand is portrayed in the media, so they can work with their image going forward. It also effortlessly opens up new communication opportunities, and gives clients an overview of the topics currently reshaping their field,” adds Tomáš Berger, CEO Mediaboard.

The Mediaboard application treats podcasts as another media source alongside more traditional formats, rendering them fast and easy to search. The application gives you direct access to podcast images and audio recordings, so that individual mentions can be played at the precise moment. Podcasts are supplemented with a machine transcription – and with the Slovak ones you also get annotations and basic programme information. Depending on client preferences, any other podcast can be also added to the monitoring, provided it has an RSS feed.

YouTube, television and radio

Besides podcasts, we’ve also focused our attention on the ever-popular YouTube platform – we’re the first in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to monitor a list of selected YouTube channels and we also follow what’s being said in the comments below. 

Last but not least, we’ve improved our monitoring of TV and radio. Now we monitor over 1000 television channels and radio programmes in the Czech Republic and abroad, and besides the spoken word, we can also capture text, e.g. the names and descriptions of speakers given on-screen. Also, there’s a new interface, a system for identifying speakers, and the live highlighting of subtitles when playing videos. 

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